Reloj ajedrez DGT 2010 8717662821097
    Reloj ajedrez DGT 2010 8717662821097
    Reloj ajedrez DGT 2010 8717662821097
    Reloj ajedrez DGT 2010 8717662821097
    Reloj ajedrez DGT 2010 8717662821097
    Reloj ajedrez DGT 2010 8717662821097

    Reloj ajedrez DGT 2010

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    The DGT 2010 digital clock is the most widely used in the world of chess. It was declared as the official watch of FIDE and is used in most tournaments around the world. Its large display, ease of use, various time controls and the ability to manually store up to 14 game programs make it the perfect digital chess clock.

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    The DGT2010 digital clock is the official chess clock of the FIDE International Chess Federation.

    Its first version was manufactured in 2007. A year later, in 2008, it was named the Official FIDE Chess Clock, after a test carried out by four top-level referees who considered that it perfectly complied with all regulations. FIDE officials.

    Currently, the DGT 2010 continues to be the most widely used digital clock in professional and amateur chess  , being commonly used in exhibition chess games, in chess clubs, in official tournaments or of any kind. The massive use of this digital chess clock is given by its cheap price, its ease of use, its different programs and its high efficiency.

    After a first version, the DGT 2010SG (Second Generation) came onto the market with some innovations and a few changes to improve its performance, options and adjustments to comply with FIDE standards and the most popular game rhythms. Today it is undoubtedly the best-selling chess clock, with nearly 300,000 units sold worldwide.

    Physical characteristics DGT 2010

    It consists of a large screen divided into two parts, corresponding to each of the players on the game board. In each part of the screen we will see the remaining game time of each player reflected. We can also view:

    • Icon indicating the color of each player
    • Bonus: increased active time
    • Delay: active delay period
    • Provisional flag: to indicate that a player has passed to the next period of time.
    • Final flag: the player has lost on time.
    • Whether the sound is on or off
    • Whether the clock is stopped, ready to start, running, paused, or stopped because time has elapsed.

    At the top we have two buttons or levers as a "scale" that are used by each of the players. When a player makes his move, he presses the corresponding lever, stopping his time and ending his turn. The opponent button is raised at the same time that the opponent's time starts running automatically.

    In addition to the two main game buttons, the DGT 2010 chess clock has other buttons that allow you to control all its functionalities:

    • Un botón de ON/OFF para apagar y encender el reloj.
    • Botón central de Play que permite controlar el inicio o pausa de la partida.
    • Un botón de + con el que podemos pasar a la siguiente opción, aumentar el tiempo de juego o activar o desactivar el sonido.
    • Un botón de – con el que podemos retroceder en las opciones, disminuir el tiempo restante o visualizar el número de jugadas actuales.
    • Un botón de OK con el que se utiliza para confirmar cualquiera de las opciones disponibles. También sirve para modificar el contraste de la pantalla.

    Características técnicas DGT 2010 

    En cuanto las opciones de juego, con este reloj podremos jugar tanto al ajedrez como a otros juegos de tablero tan conocidos como el Shogi, el Scrabble, el GO o las damas. En cuanto las opciones referentes al ajedrez, tiene todo lo necesario para controlar el tiempo de los diferentes ritmos de juego existente.

    Podemos introducir hasta 14 programas manuales que podemos guardar para utilizarlos cuando queramos. Además, ofrece 13 métodos diferentes para controlar el tiempo de las partidas: rápidas y Blitz, periodo + guillotina, opciones con incremento y delay, incremento de torneo, etc. Además, incluye 21 opciones preprogramadas para un uso fácil y rápido. También se puede corregir el tiempo de juego o numero de jugadas en tiempo real, pausar la partida o activar/desactivar un efecto sonoro para el apuro de tiempo.

    It works with 2 AA batteries (included) with great efficiency that can last up to 10 years. If the batteries are running low, an indicator will appear on the screen so that you can proceed to change them as soon as possible. Low consumption disposable alkaline batteries are recommended.

    To learn more about each method of time control, programming options and other issues related to DGT 2010, consult the official manual .

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